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Top Californian Cannabis Consultants
Top Californian Cannabis Consultants

Cannabis businesses need to comply with a wide variety of local, federal, and state regulations related specifically to cannabis, as well as follow the rules and regulations already in place for food and pharmaceutical industries to make sure that their…

How Edible Cannabis Possession Is Still Risky On Job
How Edible Cannabis Possession is Still Risky On Job

You may have heard of several states legally accepting cannabis. While many use cannabis edibles for medicinal benefits, many others use it for recreational purposes. However, the current issue is, many companies are still strict about allowing employees from consuming…

CBD Edibles In San Diego. Is It Legal?
CBD Edibles in San Diego. Is it Legal?

CBD or cannabidiol is a chemical compound known as cannabinoid that is extracted from the hemp or cannabis plant. It has many benefits and it is believed to treat many types of illnesses. CBD edibles are basically edibles infused with…

Best Cannabis Marketing Consultants
Best Cannabis Marketing Consultants

There is little doubt that cannabidiol or CBD is one of the hottest selling products of the past few years. With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, the resulting changes in the law concerning CBD has opened up an…

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