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Cannabis Medical Card
What Are The Savings With A Cannabis Medical Card In California?
What Are the Savings with a Cannabis Medical Card in California?

Cannabis has been legalized for everyone who is over 21 in California, so that means there are going to be unescapable taxes whether or not you have a doctor’s recommendation. However, if you have a cannabis medical card and you…

How Much Will A Cannabis Card Save You?
How Much Will a Cannabis Card Save You?

Since cannabis got legalized in California, it is possible for you to visit a dispensary and purchase recreational cannabis across the state as you are legally permitted to do so, providing that you are 21 or older. Not only can…

How To Cure A Cannabis Hangover With CBD?
How To Cure A Cannabis Hangover With CBD?

Cannabis is generally considered as a safe substance in the Marijuana industry; especially when compared to the harder drugs and even alcohol as well. However, it clearly doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come with any side effect. When you have…

Upcoming Cannabis Conferences
Upcoming Cannabis Conferences

It seems the weed industry is on the cusp of something big and everyone is super excited. And as it has been the case for the last few years, each cannabis conference has been seeing an increase in attendance as…

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