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After taking a couple of months off, and California Cannabis Cooperative are once again online. We would like to thank all of those who wrote us every week wishing us to be back online, “Here we are”. We will be taking a new approach to an old topic around here, “how to draw attention to what is already a very noticeable issue”  How to finance a community center without the dispensary as a main factor. If you have any suggestions please send them to me at

 We are looking for a new board of advisors as well as new blood to help run this very site. If interested in helping write me at

As most of the C.C.C. patients and affiliates are already aware of, it’s extremity important that we (C.C.C. and our sister sites) maintain an independent identity that will allow us to maintain our ideal of how a community center will evolve from our grass root startup. We are determined to prove that the medication does not have to be the sole purpose of our community center nor does having a dispensary within the confines of the center require that we charge our patients an exuberant amount of money for medication just to bank our project. We have started this campaign to bring to light the very real possibility of being able to provide various day too day services within the center that will help pay the bills. Thus not having to depend on harvesting a crop only to sell it for a markup that is funny.

The center must support all individuals  from all walks of life, PLEASE SMOKE SMART

So folks the search continues will once again are looking for financial backers to help us secure the funds for OUR community center, I must be honest with everything I have going right now I almost was ready to give up hope. But meeting some new folks that are not cannabis users and yet suffer as most of us are doing would like to join us, as I have told many of you previously “Our Doors are Always Open” (during business hours anyway)

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