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Cannabis Edibles

Are Cannabis Edibles Safe?

Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis edibles are food and/or drink products made with cannabis. You can make them at home – for instance, like pot brownies. However, companies make and sell cannabis edibles in different forms such as cookies, sodas, juices, chocolate edibles, and gummy candies.

It is important for you to store cannabis edibles away from children because they can’t handle it – even a small amount of cannabis. In addition, according to the US law, before you purchase cannabis edibles from retail, you must check the product being properly labeled with child-safe packaging.

For more safety, you need to keep the edibles – for instance – chocolate edibles in their original packaging. This way, you can easily identify the product containing THC. At home, keep these products in a locked area. You will certainly change the way you store cannabis edibles with the passage of time (as children get older).

Cannabis Edibles

Chocolate edibles are the most popular these days – and more people have an inclined tendency towards them. However, if you are pregnant, then consuming cannabis edibles can harm your baby. THC from cannabis passes from you to your unborn child through the placenta. Similarly, if you are using cannabis while breastfeeding, THC will pass through the milk to your baby. Thus, it can affect your baby potentially.

Most people are concerned about the high amount of THC contained in these products. Recent research studies have shown that increasing emergency room visits. Most of the people visiting the hospitals were suffering from mental disorders and heart diseases.

Experts argue that one of the biggest issue people face these days is product labeling – for both cannabis and hemp edibles. This means that most people are unable to identify from the label whether the product is CBD edible high in THC or not.

Another research study shows that in 2015, researchers assessed seventy-five cannabis edibles and found only 15-17% accurately labeled. Although people show concerns about the cannabis edibles, the edibles market is continuously growing with the generation of escalated revenue for the last couple of years.

The high form of smoking cannabis can be felt right away. Likewise, the effects of drinking or eating cannabis edibles can take hours to develop – and then last longer. Moreover, it is the amount of THC that determine the effects. In simple words, the effect depends on the amount of THC you consume. Therefore, drug regulatory authorities recommend purchasing edibles with low THC levels – so that they don’t affect your health.

Yes, there are some situations in which the doctor will prescribe you cannabis with a high level of THC, but be informed that this is usually done after you have been diagnosed with the chronic disorder and require High-THC cannabis edibles to treat the disease.

Overdosing cannabis edibles can produce harmful effects on your physical and mental health. You may suffer from extreme confusion, panic, anxiety, paranoia, delusions, or hallucinations, increase blood pressure, serve vomiting, nausea, fast heart rate, etc. So, if you have any of the above symptoms, it is advised to call the Poison Control Hotline to seek expert help anytime.

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