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Cannabis Vape Pen

Are cannabis vape pens safe?

When it comes to CBD vaping, or smoking, the most important factor is the component of what is being inhaled into the body. Since intake through inhalation is the fastest method of absorption and vapors go directly to the lung, there is a possibility of harm to respiratory organs from contaminated e-liquids. CBD compounds are known to be non-toxic as they do not contain the THC compounds present in other cannabis families. With CBD serving as cure to lots of ailment and illness, manufacturers of CBD products have been able to create a large market and abundant variety of CBD intake methods.

Safety concerns with using Cannabis Vape pen
Most of the irregularities with vaping method have been from the lack of an agency regulating use of CBD. This is why there are manufacturers who produce cannabis vape pens with little regard for health and safety. Some of the fears in vaping method are;

Potential of Cuticle wax present in the cannabis oil
Cuticle wax can be very dangerous to the human lungs, as they form deposits and they are irrespirable. Because lower heating temperatures are used by vaping pens to heat cannabis oil, the outer wax layers are not properly vaporized and can collect in the lungs. However, this anomaly (cuticle wax) can easily be solved by the winterization of the CBD vape oils. Winterization helps to remove a large portion or all of the waxes, fatty acids, or lipids which usually have higher melting points than other parts.

Thinning agents in the CBD vape oil is another common source of health concern
Original CBD extracts from the plants are not directly filled into a cannabis vape pen because they usually contain thick and heavy fatty liquids. For proper usage in vape pens, these liquids undergo a process called ‘thinning’. But the problem associated with this is that most (low budget) producers of these CBD oils for vape pens use inappropriate and harmful chemicals for thinning. Also, the most popular thinning chemicals propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol are capable of breaking into cancer-causing compounds like formaldehyde especially when vaporized in high temperatures vaping pens.

Presence of Chemicals from Pesticides
Just like most plants, cannabis plants are susceptible to diseases, pests, natural parasites, etc. this poses a big conundrum for cannabis farmers, and they resort to chemicals like pesticides as a corrective and preventive measure for these disturbances. The biggest ‘X’ to this procedure is that most of these chemicals find their way to the end products and contaminate the CBD vaping oil. An easy solution to this might be to source for original, unsprayed-CBD, but this approach could prove to be a ‘white elephant’. The industry still being largely unregulated, has granted lots of liberty to manufacturers of CBD vaping oils and vaping pens, and this results in little research on better methods CBD vaping.

Conclusions: Are there safer ways to use Cannabis vape pens?
From all the factors listed above, it is in place to state that to ensure a safer and way of CBD vaping, it is important to invest in high-quality vaping pens. Also, if you are adamant on vaping, and you use it for chronic conditions, it is also important to confirm the substances and processes involved in producing the CBD vaping pens and the CBD oils for vaping.

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