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Cbd Edibles

CBD Edibles in San Diego. Is it Legal?

CBD or cannabidiol is a chemical compound known as cannabinoid that is extracted from the hemp or cannabis plant. It has many benefits and it is believed to treat many types of illnesses. CBD edibles are basically edibles infused with cannabidiol which you can easily consume. They are suitable for individuals who don’t want to use CBD capsules or tinctures.

Are CBD Edibles Legal in San Diego?

If you live in San Diego and want to enjoy the many recreational or medical benefits of CBD, then you don’t have to worry about getting in trouble with the law because it is legal. A bill named Prop 64 was passed in 2016 that made cannabis in California legal for both personal and medical use. Since San Diego is part of California, CBD edibles are legal here as well.

If the CBD is extracted from a cannabis sativa plant containing less than 0.3% THC content, then it is called hemp. Hemp products in San Diego are considered legal. Even if these products come from other types of cannabis plant, they are still legal in the city as the personal use of CBD has been legalized throughout California. Since CBD can be extracted from marijuana as well makes its legal status somewhat hazy. This is because marijuana is a substance that is still controlled at the federal level. However, there are many states that have made its use legal, particularly for medical purposes. California is one of these states and these items are openly sold in San Diego today.

San Diego CBD Laws

The CBD laws in California are somewhat confusing. While the laws allow the use of CBD edibles that contain low THC, there are restrictions on certain uses of CBD and the Department won’t change their regulations regarding medical and recreational marijuana in San Diego unless they are altered by the FDA. The Department of Agriculture and other related authorities are responsible for drafting the laws involving the use of CBD. Better rules and regulations are in the process of drafting regarding the hemp cultivation. You may need to contact a relevant San Diego lawyer for more information.

Where to Buy CBD in San Diego?

There are many brick and mortar stores in San Diego where you can easily buy CBD products e.g. MedJoy CBD Oil on Executive Square St., Golden State Greens on Hancock St., Thrive CBD on Garnet Ave., etc. However, your best and the most convenient option is to buy the edibles online.

There are many reasons why purchasing online is much better. For one, you save on the transportation cost and the effort as the product will be delivered to you. Furthermore, you have plenty of options available to choose CBD products. You can do your research and check online reviews about the stores. Apart from this, you can also check the third-party lab results to make sure that the claims of manufacturers and sellers are correct.

In conclusion, CBD edibles are legal in San Diego and will remain so until the laws change at the state level. Contact a relevant San Diego lawyer if you need help regarding the legalization aspect of cannabis.

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