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Poison Ring

Cool Spy Concealment’s You Can Use for Cannabis

As a cannabis lover, you probably want to have some kind of cannabis snack with you when you are on the road or out in public. Having cool concealment’s to hide them from prying eyes is one of the greatest necessities. Fortunately, there are many discreet and clever ways to hide cannabis in plain sight. Many of these cool spy concealment’s are re purposed goods that will be overlooked by the average person.

Following are some cool ways to conceal your cannabis when you are out in public:

This is a small, fun portable cannabis holder that is fairly easy to make. You only need a highlighter and a pair of pliers and you are good to go. Simply use the pliers to pull out the white part of the highlighter i.e. the back side. Once it is off, take out the ink cartridge and clean the empty tube. It is highly recommended that you use gloves to do this. Once you have cleaned the tube, pack your cannabis and you are done! You can take the highlighter with you anywhere and have access to your favorite cannabis snack.

Vitamins Pill Bottle
Your cannabis concealment tool should be opaque and air-tight for optimal stealth. Vitamin pill bottles are ideal in this regard. You can easily carry your cannabis in them basically anywhere. Anyone watching would think that you are a responsible individual who takes care of himself.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle
You may already have one of these. These water bottles are reusable, lightweight, and BPA-free. The smell is usually the major giveaway with cannabis, so any kind of container that has a strong seal is ideal for cannabis concealment. Stainless steel water bottle is so ubiquitous that you will be able to hide your cannabis in plain sight. They are one of the best ways to hide cannabis.

Cannabis edibles are an ideal way to consume your cannabis in public. In fact, one of the primary reasons behind their increasing popularity is that they allow you to consume cannabis anywhere. Edibles come in different varieties e.g. gummies, chocolates, candies, etc. so they are some of the easiest ways to hide the good stuff.

Poison Ring
Poison ring has a history of being used as a deadly piece of jewelry. However, this isn’t it’s only use. There are evidences of poison ring being used to contain locks of hair, perfume, powder, souvenir, and other similar stuff. These fascinating pieces of jewelry are still high in demand. You can use a poison ring as a cool spy concealment for cannabis. In this way, you will make sure that it is fashionable as well as functional.

Stash Cans
If you are not looking for any DIY ways to hide cannabis, then it is recommended that you consider buying cannabis stash cans. There are wide variety of such products available on the market. From lighters to soda cans, there is almost nothing that hasn’t been repurposed as a cannabis stash can.

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