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Cbd Oil Insurance

Does medical insurance cover CBD oil treatments?

CBD oil starts to enjoy more and more attention from doctors and researchers, as recent studies start proving what some people that used it already experienced. This particular oil extracted from the buds of the cannabis plant can alleviate the symptoms of a wide range of illnesses, starting with depression and anxiety, to arthritis, seizures, epilepsy, and even cancer. For quite a while now many people claimed that benefits are much more than what traditional drugs can offer, and that is relief of symptoms without side-effects and health risks. So, having all these in mind, no wonder that CBD oil is enjoying an increase in popularity and the attention of the scientific world.

But, what is CBD oil and why doesn’t it have any side-effects? The first thing you need to know about CBD oil is that, in spite of the fact that is it obtained from cannabis, it does not trigger any psychoactive effects. Thus, it is safe to use CBD oil even during the day, while working, as it will not alter your senses, ability to focus or change the way you perceive things. In fact, in the right doses, CBD can even sharpen your attention and improve your focus, due to the fact that it diminishes the presence of stress and reduces tension, allowing your mind to relax while keeping an alert state. So, you should not confuse CBD with THC, which is another substance obtained from cannabis known for its psychoactive action. The people that use cannabis for recreational purposes are interested in using strains rich in THC, while CBD is extracted from cannabis strains that are richer in CBD and have almost insignificant concentrations of THC. In fact, it is known that CBD can cancel the effects caused by THC when the proportion of CBD is higher than THC. So, if you find CBD products that have a small percentage of THC in their content, then you shouldn’t worry about. Just make sure that the THC percentage respects the laws concerning cannabis use in your state.

How can CBD oil be used as a treatment for a particular illness? Well, when it comes to using this particular substance as an alternative treatment, there are no standard dosages as it happens in the case of traditional drugs. The dosage depends on the illness you are suffering from, its severity, your weight, and age. Talking to your doctor may give you an idea about the dosages that could work in your case, but when it comes to CBD oil, it is always best to start with the smallest dosage and see what kind of results you obtain. Just do have in mind that you will need to give yourself a week with the same daily dosage in order to be sure that the results you are experiencing, or not, are valid. Then, if the results are not the desired ones, you can increase the dosage. When increasing the dosage, it is recommended to do it in a gradual manner, adding a very small amount and keeping this dosage up for a while, and so on and so forth until CBD oil provides the relief you are looking to get.

You see, even if CBD oil has no serious side-effects, it is all about finding that special dose that helps you as an individual. Because each of us has a unique body that works in its own way, it is not possible to use a standard dose of CBD for everybody. So, each CBD oil user will have to use the dose that works best for the health condition he or she is managing. Why should you use CBD oil as a treatment in the first place? There are more than enough reasons. First of all, it is safer to introduce it in your body than rather just smoking the cannabis plant. It is easier to find the right dose, as you can use small amounts at once. It can also be added to your water, beverage, or food if you’re not too keen on its natural flavor. Just do make sure to keep a log in which you write down everything you notice about yourself throughout each day, to see how the CBD oil is influencing your state and how well it makes unwanted symptoms disappear.

Secondly, the list of potential risks is extremely short and serious reactions may occur only in special cases, when CBD is paired with medication that can trigger unwanted effects or when a person abuses CBD out of the desire to feel immediate and intense effects. Thus, having said all these, it is worth knowing that CBD is not that great to take with drugs that are blood thinners, that act as anti-depressants, sedatives, anxiety drugs, or blood pressure drugs. So, while you can take CBD for anxiety, as it has a calming effect, you must choose between CBD or regular treatment, as taking both of them at the same time can be bad for you. The truth is that many people who decided to take CBD oil did it because they wanted to get rid of the regular treatment, which is, in most cases, toxic and has too many health-related risks on a long term. It doesn’t matter if you suffer from depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, stress, and health conditions that have painful or uncomfortable symptoms, they can all be successfully managed with CBD oil, but you need to let go of the traditional treatment in most occasions, to avoid unwanted interactions.

At the moment, the scientific world discovered, through clinical studies, that CBD oil has a great potential as a treatment for epilepsy, cancer, multiple sclerosis, anorexia, Tourette’s syndrome, glaucoma, muscle spasms, and other illnesses that affect the nervous system in particular. The results obtained are more than promising and rumors about the fact that CBD could soon replace existing drugs started to be spread. So, if CBD oil is such a promising treatment, is it covered by Medicare? After all, it already helps so many people, so it would be great to enjoy medication copay in the case of CBD just as it happens in the case of other drugs. But, unfortunately, there is no medication copay when it comes to CBD oil. In other words, Medicare insurance does not cover the expenses related to purchasing CBD oil. This is due to the fact that marijuana, even if we are talking about medicinal marijuana, still belongs to the group of Schedule 1 substances, which means that there are federal prohibitions that apply to this type of substance.

So, if you want to use CBD for pain or the health condition you’re suffering from, you will have to support all the costs generated by such a treatment, as there is no financial support provided for it just yet. There are chances for the status of medicinal marijuana and the products obtained from it to change in the coming future, but when this will actually happen no one knows for sure. At the moment, everybody is waiting for the market surrounding CBD oil to be properly regulated, so that people can have access to reliable treatments whenever they need it. Because the market is not regulated at the moment, there are CBD oil products that have a precarious quality and unknown provenience on the market, so it is recommended to be very careful what you choose to purchase. There are quite a few CBD oil providers with a great reputation and capable of providing best quality CBD oil, so you will have from where to choose when it comes to CBD products. Just stir away from those that do not offer sufficient documentation concerning the purity of the product and how it was obtained.

Even though the number of US states that legalized the use of medicinal marijuana increases, reaching 23 at the moment, the products coming from this plant do not enjoy a Medicare-covered status, as it happens in the case of opioids. Still, the legalization of medical marijuana decreased the use of opioids, which can turn out to be rather dangerous, as an overdose can be lethal, and can lead to the development of serious addictions. Thus, if medicinal marijuana and CBD oil would become available across the country, the expenses of healthcare plans like Medicare would drop significantly. So, while CBD oil presents a lower number of risks, authorities hesitate to promote it as a better alternative, as more studies are needed before it will become an accepted drug and have the chance at becoming a treatment that enjoys medication copay. At the moment, those that choose to take CBD oil are not just doing it at their own expenses, but they also take full responsibility for the treatment. Of course, you can get advice and guidance from a doctor, concerning the use of CBD oil for your health condition, and maybe a prescription if you are living in a state where medicinal marijuana is legalized, but that’s about it. You are on your own on this journey, this is why you need to be extremely careful and write down any observation you may have concerning your treatment.

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