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Shatter Liquidizer

Everything you need to know about Shatter

You may have heard about CBD shatter, but it is still a product that is reaching the market across the country. For those who are considering products such as shatter liquidizer, it is important to know the facts before you make your purchase.

What is Shatter?
It is a concentrated version that is created from solvents and materials directly from the cannabis or industrial hemp itself. What makes shatter distinguishable is its unique yellow to amber coloring. Another unique feature is how the physical properties of CBD shatter can either be like taffy or more brittle in nature like glass.

In other words, shatter may have the same visual appearance, but different physical characteristics. The result is a unique profile depending on how much THCA or tetrahydrcannabinolic acid is present. Shatter originated from the production of hashish which goes back to the 1970s. By the late 1990s, the refinement of the hashish-making process was becoming widely known in marijuana circles. Fast forward to 2018 and the legalization of industrial hemp and you have the same techniques applied to CBD.

Keep in mind that shatter comes either in THC or CBD forms. Since THC is the compound that gets you “high”, it is not legal in many states. CBD however is legal in almost all states and has a far different effect on the mind and body.

How to Use CBD Shatter
Shatter in many ways can be used in the same manner as dabs. But not all dabs are thought of as shatter. The dabbing process consists of using a small water pipe that has a flat bowl. A nail is pre-heated so when the shatter is applied, it instantly vaporizes. The concentrate can then be inhaled through the water pipe in a manner like vaping.

For THC shatter, the dabbing process delivers a stronger feeling of being “high”. For CBD, the concentrate is delivered into the lungs for a faster effect. You will need the dabbing tools to use shatter in this manner. As with any product, you want to be careful about overconsumption. While the side effects of taking too much CBD in shatter form are mild compared to THC shatter, you will need to be cautious about how much of the concentrate you want to inhale in each session. Be sure to measure the shatter properly and err on the side of caution at all times.

It is possible to consume or eat shatter instead of inhaling it. However, because the raw, unheated form of CBD shatter locks the compounds inside, you will most likely not feel any effect because the digestive process will either destroy or simply pass through the active compounds. Using shatter liquidizer in the dabbing process means getting a more concentrated effect of the CBD that enters the bloodstream faster. CBD shatter has risen in popularity because of the faster effect, but it may not be for everyone. Be sure that you know what you want and how to properly dab shatter before you commit to using the product in this manner.

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