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Hemp Oil

Furniture Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is manufactured from Cannabis Sativa (one of the strains of Cannabis) by pressing the hemp seeds. Hempseed oil is used in fuel, paints, inks, plastics, and lubricants.

Aside from these industrial uses of Hempseed oil, it has also found some use in the production of soaps, detergents, creams and other beauty products.

Meanwhile, the amount of nutrients found in this oil is another reason it is often added to meals by some folks. Hemp oil is not only used as a food supplement or a skin moisturizer but also as a top coat of furniture.


When it comes to furniture, Hemp oil is regarded as one of the best options in the market. One of the reasons is because of its ease of use and how quickly it dries. Here are other benefits hemp oil provides.

IT IS NATURAL – Hemp oil provides a natural way to finish your furniture.

PROTECTION – It offers a level of protection to the furniture it is applied on from some form of insects attack and harsh weather conditions.

WATER RESISTANT – It protects against moisture and water rings. You can also use it to remove any existing water rings on the furniture.

SAFE AND HEALTHY – Unlike other paint and furniture refinishing materials that might pose some health dangers, hemp oil is generally 100% safe and healthy. It is environmentally friendly.

NO ALLERGIES – Hemp oil is not known to cause any allergic reactions in the body.

IT DRIES QUICKLY – One of the advantages of using hemp oil is that it dries off within a few minutes after application. This is the main reason it is referred to as a drying oil. It will take about a month or so for the oil to cure completely.

However, you can still touch the surface within this period despite it being a little oily. Once the oil dries up, it won’t leave any film, unlike others.

EASY TO USE – Hemp oil is easy to use and maintain. Most beginner finishers usually find hemp oil quite more comfortable to use when compared with others.

LOWER CARBON PROPERTIES – With little carbon compounds, your furniture will look and feel better.

KILLS ODORS – Hemp oil neutralizes any unwanted odor and smell from your furniture. This particular oil also has little to no odor and even if it has a trace of odor, it quickly evaporates after a few minutes.

No trace of pesticides in its composition. Most synthetic oils used pesticides and other harsh materials as part of their components which is not favorable and eco-friendly to all.

Furniture Cbd Oil


1. My Savvy Sister Hemp Oil.

2. Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint Hemp Oil.

3. Hemp Shield.

4. Chalk Mountain Brushes – Hemp Seed Oil Furniture Sealer – Seals and Protects. By Chalk Mountain.

5.Daddy Van’s All Natural Hemp Oil Wood Finish 8 Oz. By Daddy Van.

6. Hemp Oil Real Milk Paint (16 Oz). By Real Milk Paint.

7. Wise Owl’s hemp seed oil.

8. Fusion Mineral Paint BeesWax Finish.


Different types of furniture exist today, and they are available in different styles and designs. From contemporary furniture to modern furniture design, furniture is an essential part of the household, offices and other settings.

Furniture performs various functions depending on where they are located and used. They can also come in traditional styles or modern contemporary styles to suit your taste. These are the different types of furniture you can use for your home.


This type of furniture is mainly in the living room which is the focal point of any house. Examples of the furniture found here include chairs, tables, sofa, media cabinets, bench, coffee table, etc.

Additionally, your living room may need furniture to set your TV on such as TV cabinet, TV console, and TV stand. There is also the bar cart for placing drinks, place decor and hold a beverage or serving tray.

The media cabinet, low table and nesting tables, patio set are also part of the furniture found in the living room. This interior design furniture gives the house a modern contemporary feel and design.


The dining room is not just a place to eat but also where the family can gather round and have some fun together. The dining room contains the chairs, table. Modern living room furniture will not be complete without a dining set.


Of course, every bedroom should be fitted with a standard bed. It also contains dressers, benches, and a media cabinet in some cases.


Examples here include grinder, wooden plates, etc.


This type of furniture has chairs, tables, hardwood cabinets and other fittings.


These are furniture that is found outdoors. It might be the garden, parks, library, industrial establishments or other recreational hangouts. Examples are garden bench, garden furniture, wood credenza, park furniture, bookcase, Taboret, industrial tables.


Before you apply hemp oil on your furniture and wood products, it is essential first to clean and dry the surfaces. Hemp oil works best on porous wood surfaces.

You can apply it using a piece of cloth or a brush. For those pieces that are smaller or have crevices, a brush is likely better while fabric might be ideal when the oil is being applied to broad and flat surfaces.

Whether you decide to use a piece of cloth or a brush in applying hemp oil, it won’t pose any problem and won’t affect the surface of the furniture.

Carefully apply on the surface and allow to dry. Note that it is not advisable to use any sharp object since it is likely to scratch the surface.

Generally, some woods soak in a lot of oil during application. Therefore, as you apply the oil, watch out if the wood needs more oil and don’t hesitate to add if it’s dry.

There is no harm if you choose to apply too much oil as long as you don’t waste it. After using the hemp oil, wipe away any excess that may occur after 12-24 hours.

During maintenance, you’ll need to apply a light coat of hemp oil to your furniture and wood surfaces about once or twice every other year.

Presently, there are so many different styles and choices of furniture to choose from in fitting your home depending on your personal taste.

Whichever one you decide to go for, there comes the point when you would want to maintain such property or improve its looks. If you’ve got a porous paint surface, hemp oil can be what you need.

Or maybe you have an old furniture piece at home which you’ve equally abandoned because of the aging look. Hemp oil can help to transform and restore such furniture to its original state making it look attractive once more.

Other wooden pieces in the kitchen like the spoon, cutting board, and salad bowls might need some magic touch from this particular oil.

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