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Edible Cannabis

How Edible Cannabis Possession is Still Risky On Job

Edible Cannabis

You may have heard of several states legally accepting cannabis. While many use cannabis edibles for medicinal benefits, many others use it for recreational purposes.

However, the current issue is, many companies are still strict about allowing employees from consuming cannabis edibles at work. You may even lose your job if you are tested positive for high THC content in your bloodstream.

Cannabis at Workplace
Many employees are contacting the top employment attorney to look into matters when they are found using cannabis at work. The problem arises since cannabis is actively in use in several medicines. While companies are in two minds about allowing employees tested positive with cannabis, in a state where it is made legal, there is little to no protection for the employees. Many employees still stand a chance to face termination if they are taking medicines with cannabis. This is where these ousted employees are seeking employment attorney firms to guide and help them get justice.

Edible Cannabis

Walking the Gray Line
As per the survey by California NORML, as many as 45.6% of employees said, they are scared of losing jobs even on legally using marijuana-based medicines. Companies are not even sparing employees who are sober in the workplace. If they are tested positive, they are terminated. This said, many employees who have recently been terminated, do not want to go ahead with litigation.

Edible Cannabis

However, in recent times, as per the renowned Rhode Island-based, courts are agreeing to include the people who use marijuana for medicinal purposes. This has eased the lives of many people in places like Massachusetts, where it is illegal to fire such employees. This rule has set a benchmark for other states to follow. However, there is a catch, since it does not allow people to consume cannabis at the workplace. Additionally, it is not lenient towards the employees who are not patients or workers in sensitive job roles. For instance, it is not lenient for the employees in the roles of drivers, doctors, or even in chemical labs.

The Gaps in Law Exist
It was in 2008, the Supreme Court of California ruled that Prop 215 has the state’s medical marijuana law not to offer explicit protection for employees using cannabis at the workplace. Many claim the states and companies to get more lenient. However, it will be some time before the employees using cannabis edibles for recreational use can consume it without fear off-work too.

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