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Hemp Rug

How to Clean Your Hemp Rug

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Hemp is one of the oldest materials known to man. It has been used in textiles for years and it has been a favorite material for both luxuries and cheap rugs mainly because of its natural durability. While soft yet strong, hemp rugs look perfect in a lot of places. Their natural style makes them a great accent for tile or wood floors. They are usually hand-knotted and can be described as both pliant and thick. Hemp rugs are truly versatile thanks to these contrasting attributes.

Cleaning a Hemp Rug…

Hemps rugs are quite easy to clean as compared to most other types of rugs. Thanks to their natural resistance to stains and the durability of the fibers, these rugs can recover from a variety of accidents or spills, however all kinds of rugs will eventually require a cleaning. You can vacuum hemp rugs with spot cleaning. It is the usual method of cleaning these rugs for any kind of stains.

The most recommended method of hemp rug cleaning begins with using water (never hot, cold only) and a small scrub brush for the sole purpose of spot cleaning. If the area is relatively larger than the spot, then it is recommended that you take the rug outside and hose it down. If the stain is not removed with water, then you should use a mild detergent or dish soap, just make sure to rinse the soap out thoroughly, otherwise there is a chance that the remaining soap will leave a residue when it dries. If you want to protect the colors of the rug, then it is recommended that you mix in some white vinegar with the soap.

For scrapping solid spills, it is recommended that you use a dull knife. After using that, use a hard bristle brush to brush away the residue. Next, vacuum up. If you want to clean liquid spills from the hemp rug, you can do spot cleaning. Don’t rub the spills. For neutralizing acidic spills like red wine or tomato sauce, you should try club soda. Use a hair dryer or fan for drying wet spills as soon as possible.

Cheap rugs are prone to mildew. If you have a cheap hemp rug, then you can remove the mildew with a certain mixture. Mix one-part bleach with six parts of water and mix the solution in a bottle. Try the mixture on an unseen area on the rug. If the area is discolored, then put some water in the bottle and try the solution again on some other part of the rug. If the mixture passes the test, use it on the mildew and then use a soft brush. After a few minutes, rub the area with a dry rug.

Protecting the rug from fading should also be your top priority. If the rug is in direct sunlight, then it may lead to discoloring. Unless you have performance glass windows to block the ultraviolet rays, the color of the hemp rug will slowly fade if it sits in the sun for a long time. Cheap rugs often fade due to sunlight, so you should keep them away from the sunlight as much as possible.

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