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Cannabis Oil For Vape Pens

The Health Risks of cannabis vape pens

There is little question that vaping has become quite popular over the past decade as an alternative to smoking tobacco products. This is because vaping contains nicotine but does not contain the carcinogens associated with cancer found in tobacco products. So, it makes sense that cannabis oil for vape pens would be a natural way to deliver the product. However, there are health risks that come with the cannabis vape pen that has raised alarms in the medical community.

Health Risks
A surge of cases relating to vaping cannabis and cannabidiol or CBD oil rose sharply in the fall of 2019. More than 1,200 cases and 26 deaths were reported to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) during that time. The result was the CDC issuing a statement that encouraged people from refraining from all forms of vaping. While most of the cases involved people that vaped either THC or nicotine, about 17% did vape CBD which raised concerns that this method of ingestion should be done with care if at all. But the issue currently is that there are no official guidelines from the government.

Lack of Regulations
There are good reasons why there are few if any regulations when it comes to CBD. The product itself has only been widespread since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. This means that while many scientists consider CBD safe or relatively harmless, the research does not have the decades-long history of tobacco products as an example.

This means that while some forms of CBD ingestion such as tinctures, topical creams, and the like have shown to be relatively safe, the same may not be true for vaping the product. Of those who reported issues and were hospitalized, testing showed that a significant portion vaped Vitamin E acetate. This is a Vitamin that is considered safe for topical use. It is also used in many illicit vaping products, especially those that contain THC. Inhaling Vitamin E acetate is not recommended and may generate the very effects that are being seen with those who have been hospitalized.

Illegal Market
What seems to be true from the information gathered is that illicit or illegal sources are at the center of the vaping issues with cannabis products. What is worse is that some testing has shown that products which were labeled as containing CBD actually contained a synthetic marijuana with little to no CBD at all.

It is the illegal sources which seem to be at the heart of the issue. However, with the lack of regulations it is likely that many such sources have found their way into legitimate shops and distributors. This means that it is possible to stick to legitimate sources and wind up with an illegally produced vaping product that contains dangerous ingredients such as Vitamin E acetate. For those who are considering using a cannabis vape pen, it is advisable that you take in all the information first before you make your final decision. The evidence that cannabis oil for vape pens is strong enough that you should consider safer alternatives.

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