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The rules about CBD oil branding

The CBD oil has gained the popularity among the people from all walk of life. Although it is a bare truth that this drug is only in its experimental phase to be recognized fully safe from the Federal Drug Authority. However, still, it creates a buzz among the people due to its plethora of benefits.

Today in this article, we will explain how CBD is playing its role in the betterment of health and what rules a branding agency should about while branding the best CBD oil.

What is CBD oil?

Basically, the non-psychoactive component present in the hemp or the marijuana is known as CBD. It is the abbreviation of Cannabidiol. This non-psychoactive component of the Cannabis is known as the best anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant and antioxidant. In spite of its breathtaking benefits in the health field, the relation of CBD with the Cannabis makes its prohibited in the various areas. However, with the recent advancement in the field of study regarding the CBD benefits proves its effectiveness.

CBD oil benefits

Although the benefits associated with the use of CBD oil are not fully comprehended still, the results of the various studies reveal that following amazing benefits associated with the use of CBD oil.


The CBD oil has been referring as the possible and most suitable candidate for the treatment of epilepsy. It proves to be beneficial in patients with seizure conditions. It works with the receptors of the brain and also affects the way your body responds to the pain.

CBD for pain:

CBD act as the best anti-inflammatory agent. It is especially beneficial for the medical conditions like Arthritis, muscular pain, chronic pain and several kinds of spinal injuries.

Neurodegenerative diseases:

The use of CBD oil for the efficient working of the brain has been proving by various studies. Although the researchers are still finding the link between the brain receptors and the CBD. However, the promising results of the researchers show that it could be the authentic treatments for various neurodegenerative conditions like Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer and stroke.

cancer and tumor treatment:

The role of CBD in decreasing inflammation and the reproduction of cells has induced a hope that it may prove to be a beneficial source for the treatment of tumors and cancer cells. However, nothing can be said at this stage as the studies have been ongoing and there is not rock solid evidence regarding the role of CBD oil in Cancer treatment.

CBD for Stress & Depression:

The CBD oil offers the Receptors in our brain to respond in a more managed manner tot eh secretion of serotonin. Basically, serotonin is a chemical substance that is associated with our mental ability. The use of CBD oil for anxiety not only reduce it but also prepares our bodies to handle the anxiety and stress effectively.

Due to the humongous benefits associated with the use of CBD oil, its market has been emerging. So if you are planning on branding CBD oil, then you must keep in mind certain things. There are certain rules that we have to follow while opting for branding the CBD oil.

Restrictions form FDA

FDA demands a certain product to be registered as the effective drug after a complete scientific research. Moreover, for the approval of the new drug, you have the limited time period of 10 months for the clinical trials. Although the benefits of CBD oil are backed by various scientific research, however, still it is regarded as the new drug and thus cannot be allowed to prescribe as the dietary supplements.

Moreover, if you are planning on branding the CBD as a branding agency, then you must submit it to the FDA 75 days before introducing it into the business circle. The reason behind this procedure is that as the CBD is not a dietary component that our body requires directly like other supplements like vitamins, minerals etc. Thus the FDA demands the prior submission.

-Product labeling:

Labeling is the most crucial part of the overall product branding. As far as the labeling of CBD oil is concerned, the FDA required the fulfilment of following requirements.

The label of the product should not include the health benefits until unless the FDA approves them to be true. The companies that are intending to market the CBD oil should be aware of the fact that CBD has recently gained the approval from the states to be recognized as the effective drug and to be allowed for use to treat certain ailments. However, it does not mean that they can write down the benefits that they deem truly related to use of CBD oil.

  • No treatment for any health condition:

The label of the product should not include the treatment of any health condition that cannot be diagnosed and prescribed by the non-medical practitioner. The restriction of mentioning the benefits of CBD regarding various medical conditions is due to the fact that this element is still in the experimentation stage at the FDA and thus we cannot state with surety the benefits associated with its use for specific ailments.

  • Label should not back benefits:

Moreover, the label of the product should not back the benefits of the CBD with the scientific results. Although various studies have been conducted and a lot have been ongoing still, it is not allowed by the FDA to give reference of those researchers to prove any kind of medical benefits.

  • Direction for use:

The CBD products are also required to be labelled specifically with the directions for use to discourage the use of a product for various ailments. This condition is only applicable to the CBD products because the exact medical benefits related to the drug are still not confirmed. It is the responsibility of a branding agency to include it.

The packaging of the product should contain the amount of the CBD being used.

No matter how long does it take by the FDA, to declare the CBD products to be fully safe for use by the customers, they cannot be regarded as dietary supplements.  Until then the companies intending to market the CBD products are restricted to market it as the dietary supplements.

  • Product extraction information:

The marketers of the CBD products should have to mention it quite clearly as from which source the product has been extracted. The extract form Hemp and marijuana could be different in varying aspects.

If you are a company that is intending to market the CBD oil, then you must keep in mind the rules for the branding and marketing of any CBD product. It will not only offer you the mental relaxation but also offers you customers delight as being the brand that follows rules and regulations.

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